09-53 Scooter HE 09-53

Adopted by:
Nancy and Joe

I am a happy dog! Nancy and Joe are awesome! I am a very loving dog, but they understand that I can be shy and need their help. I know I can trust them completely, and life is pure joy. Two more members are part of my new family — a Golden playmate, young Kate (she is an older puppy), and a cat named Hobbes. Hobbes is very pleased that I do not chase him! I have a large yard for running and tracking scents. Young Kate is really fun and energetic. We have such fun together, but I take more breaks from playing than she does. I get an abundance of affection and care, and I love it. My family is amazing. I was truly rescued thanks to Nancy and Joe and the folks at GRRIN. 09-53 Scooter 225kb