09-54 Lilly renamed Lizzy 09-54

Adopted by:
Patti, Chris, Sadie and Spud

I’m Lizzy, but you can also call me Lilly. I came in to GRRIN as Lilly, but I also got used to answering to Lizzy because my foster family had a house guest named Lizzie and my foster mom always got our names confused. This happened to work out swell because my forever parents have a grandchild named Lilly, and so we don’t get confused when they call me Lizzy. That’s kind of another story and I should have started at the beginning. I was surrendered to GRRIN because I had torn my ACL, a really important ligament in my knee. When this happens it is very painful, I couldn’t use that leg, and the only way to correct the problem was to have surgery. There are many things that can contribute to this knee problem. One very important, and controllable, thing that increases the risk of an ACL tear is being overweight. I know we hear about obesity all the time in the news, and it seems that it isn’t always something we like to hear about. However, being overweight contributes to all kinds of health problems and can even shorten our life. Maintaining a proper weight isn’t really hard; you eat less and get more exercise. Dogs may act like they are starving when you cut back on our food, but we’d be just as happy with extra attention from you and walking is a great way for us to share time with you humans. Ok, enough of that but you see all of us can be teachers and I really don’t want other dogs to have to go through what I did. When I came into GRRIN I had surgery for my knee, then spent a couple months recovering. It is hard work. I got to see the other dogs in my foster home running and playing and for 2 months all I could do was watch. What I didn’t know was that while I was working at figuring out how to manage on 3 legs and getting my bad leg stronger the GRRIN folks were watching out for just the right family for me. I am so lucky, now I have been adopted by Patti & Chris. Chris didn’t get to be in the picture since he was taking the photo. Patti & Chris are special people and helped me with my last week of needing to be on leash. They have also helped me now that I am able to slowly begin off leash activity, just after that most stressful of holidays, the 4th of July. I have a lot of other pack members at Patti & Chris’ house. First there is Sadie who is an 11 year old Golden, next is Spud who is 10 and a neat mix of a variety of dogs, they are both in the picture with me. There are also 2 cats. One cat likes to walk between my legs while I watch, the other likes to just look at me while she’s on a chair. Cats are OK, but I really don’t understand why they do the things they do. My new mom Patti is a teacher. Sadie, the 11 year old Golden, goes to school with Patti every day. This fall Patti & I will start training so I can fill in for Sadie when she decides to retire. In the mean time I need to practice walking and getting back in shape. It has been heaven moving in with Patti & Chris. I felt at home right away and am looking forward to the future here, forever.

09-54 Lilly healing TLC Only three days since surgery and getting plenty of TLC as I rest with my foster sister, Chloe.
09-54 Lilly post op A visit to the vet clinic two weeks after surgery
Adopted June 2011