09-55 Bo 09-55

Adopted by:
Rob, Lyn, Casey and Maggie.

My name is Bo, and I’m about 20 months old. When I first heard the word GRRIN, I thought that it meant what humans did when they met me! After awhile I learned it also meant an organization where I would be part of a new family. My first stop was in a super foster home with Bruce and Rebecca, and their Goldens Jazz and Dexter. I loved the structure, training and love that the humans provided, combined with playtime from my canine foster siblings! Even though I didn’t show much pain, my hind-legs had some stability issues, so Rebecca took me to a doggie-doctor to have me examined. A specialist diagnosed me with a severe case of hip dysplasia. The doc said that he had a lot of experience dealing with my type of condition, and instead of jumping the gun and insisting on surgery, he prescribed diet, exercise, and medical management until I showed discomfort or lack of mobility. That was fine with me, because I could get right back to smoozing with my foster buds! One day I met Rob and Lyn, and they paid a lot of attention to me. I heard them say that they’d like to have me be part of their “pack”. Before long I was saying goodbye to my foster humans and canines. I hooked up with Rob and Lyn, and met Maggie the Australian Shepherd and Casey the GRRIN Golden! WOW! Within minutes it was apparent that our group energy was perfect. I love hanging out at home, playing with my adopted siblings, and riding in the truck (with my head on a human shoulder, or hanging out the window, catching all the scents). I’m told that my new humans will keep a close eye on my hips as I navigate through life. I miss both my original owners and my foster parents, but I feel really good knowing that I’m now part of a great forever-home. Thanks, GRRIN, for my doggie grin!