09-59 Stella 09-59

Adopted by:
Jeff & Cheri
As an  09-59 number, you’ll note this is the second time GRRIN has helped me find a wonderful new home!  Having been an only pet for many years, my family had to move and after a brief nurturing foster experience, I’ve been placed with long-time GRRIN volunteers Cheri and Jeff.  As you can see, it allows me a whole new pack to frolic with that also includes four indoor cats! There is plenty of room on an acreage in the Loess Hills area near Sioux City, Iowa.  They tell me that I fit in *perfectly* and am now celebrating my fourth month with them in July and it’ll be my 9th birthday on Labor Day weekend.  My playmates SiouxZ the terrier, Tyrion the bully and Wyatt the lab are all chill like I am but it’s fun to sometimes work on learning new “tricks” with them (I’m a natural) or exploring all together outside.  Sometimes the grandkids come to visit!  They have a comfy routine with a yummy breakfast, dinner, playtime, pillows, pets and hugs.  GRRIN is the best matchmaker ever!  I’ve a happy tail for sure!
Love, Stella!

Once a GRRIN dog, always a GRRIN dog. This sweet senior formerly went by the name Precious and was adopted in 2010. She lived with a wonderful family but they’ve had some life changes and asked GRRIN to help. Stella’s foster family is delighted to have her.

Stella is ready for adoption. Please note the information given by her foster family about what type of family would be a good match: Good companions are priceless. Stella is a great companion. Stella is a sweet and charming mature girl who is also cheerful and dependable. She is well-mannered, friendly without being clingy, very good with cats, and enjoys walks. She will do best in a home that enjoys the company of dogs. She is a little stressed by very rambunctious kids so will feel better in a home with older children or kids who are dog savvy. She rides well in the car and is friendly with other dogs. Her favorite activity is being close to her family!

Stella in 2017!


Stella with her foster family in 2009.