10-00 Ginger – Honorary GRRIN dog! Honorary GRRIN Dog 2010

Adopted by:
Lynn and Danny

If you’re familiar with GRRIN, you probably know that it can take months to find the perfect match for a family. Lynn and Danny had their home visit in September of 2009 and patiently waited to meet a young female Golden. Of course, at that time GRRIN was fostering numerous young dogs–all male! Finally, after the holidays, they got a call that more than one female was going to be surrendered, but it was too late. They had already heard about a dog in Wisconsin that needed a new family, and plans were made to go meet Ginger and bring her home. A new member of GRRIN, Danny brought their pride and joy to the 2010 Annual Meeting a few weeks ago. It was such a joy to see the love this sweet little girl will receive. We hope to see Danny, Lynn and Ginger at future GRRIN events! We asked Danny for a picture and story. He wrote: Ginger justs loves to play with her favorite Frisbee and my dwindling supply of tennis ball she sometimes forgets to retrieve. Her injury was nothing serious, just a large cyst we had removed. However, I might need a rotator cup replacement from all the throwing she puts me through. I don’t need an alarm anymore, as she wakes me up very early with that same Frisbee in her mouth. After losing our beloved Maxie 2 years ago, Ginger has made our family “complete again.” Thanks for all you “special volunteers” do. Danny

  • Adopted by: Lynn and Danny
  • #Honorary GRRIN Dog 2010
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