10-01 Zeke 10-01

Adopted by:
Tom, Michelle, Ben, Kaleb, and Jen

Zeke was the first dog to enter GRRIN for 2010! His surrendering family loved him very much but Zeke couldn’t live indoors and they wanted him to be with a family that could give him plenty of time and attention. Zeke loved his foster home and acted just like a young pup so it was easy for Tom and Michelle to fall completely in love with him. When Zeke came to his new home it was as if he’d lived with the family his entire life. He adored all three kids and even their older Golden, Jack. Tom and Michelle report that Zeke loves hanging out in the backyard with Jack and going to GRRIN events. Zeke is a wonderful GRRIN representative, always minding his manners and getting along with every dog he meets!