10-04 Casey 10-04

Adopted by:
Dan and Karen

2010 started out to be an ever changing year for me. It all started last fall when my owner had to move to another state far away. We had a great time hanging out with each other for those first few years. But, for some reason, I couldn’t go with him when he moved: I missed him and I know he missed me. So, I stayed with his extended family for a few months. I was outside most of the time which was OK until it got cold and snowy. Sometimes I could come inside the house to get warm and sleep, but soon the family felt that they couldn’t keep me any longer. So, I came to this great organization…named GRRIN, and I soon was in a foster home that was soooo cool and so much fun: I had all these toys to play with, kids that loved to pet and wrestle with me, other 4 legged friends to play with, and foster mom and dad, Danya and Pat, that took really good care of me and loved me. But, everyone knew, that I would find my forever home real soon. Just a short two weeks later, a couple saw me and knew instantly that I belonged with them in their home. I was adopted February 20, 2010. My new mom and dad, Karen and Dan, take me to the park where I’m learning more behavioral commands, I get to go to the store with them and pick out my food and toys, we walk in the neighborhood where there are big hills and lots of trees, and I can lay one the floor and look out my window and see eye-to-eye my squirrel friends. They really enjoy having me and they love me very much, and I enjoy and love them very much. So, 2010 is a VERY GOOD YEAR for me with more good years to follow in my new home!