10-05 Hutch 10-05


Hi, everyone. My name is Hutch. Everyone kept calling me “the perfect family dog”. Now I have the perfect family! I had a rough road on my way there, though. I started out life with owners that loved me, but for some reason brought me to the Animal Shelter. After a few days up for adoption, I was prepared to be adopted by a man who was very interested in me. After they ran some tests, the doctor said that I had heartworm, and would need to be treated. Off I went to a clinic that specialized in helping dogs with that condition. When I returned to the shelter, I found out that the man had waited for me to finish treatment to adopt me! Woo Hoo! I thought that this was a happy-ending-in-the-making, but I was returned to the shelter after a couple of weeks. I heard the man tell the staff that he couldn’t get me housetrained. All I knew is that I was never given a routine and was left alone for many hours. I was very sad to have the accidents, but I couldn’t help it. The shelter staff re-evaluated me (and gave me a clean bill of health and temperament – even housetrained) – and I was placed back up for adoption. The good people at GRRIN saw me, and sprung me again. I made my way into a great foster home with Greg, Cathie, their 2 daughters, a GoldenDoodle, and a LabraDoodle. Too many doodles! My personality immediately meshed with everyone. Greg especially liked having me around because the doodles wouldn’t come when you called them, but I did! And then of course the doodles followed me to make sure they didn’t miss anything important. One day I met a family – Matt the Dad, Melanie the Mom, Cameron the older sister, Paige the younger sister, and Wrigley, the resident Golden Retriever. I pushed the Hutch-Charm-Button, and we all knew that this had the makings of a perfect family with a perfect family dog. Now I’m living a great life – I get to play with Wrigley, play dressup with the girls (don’t tell anyone, but it’s kind of cool), follow Melanie around the house, and much more! I love to go swimming at the lake (Wrigley just watches from the shore). OH – and I’ve worked hard to rid the back yard of any birds and bunnies that happen to take up residence there. Don’t you agree that this is the PERFECT life? 10-05-Hutch 10-05 Hutch 10-05hutchfoster1.jpg