10-08 Heber Happy Ending 10-08

Adopted by:
Annie and Drew

Greetings from Heber, “Ah-bear”. I can now say ahhhh with a new meaning. As you remember, I had been living a good life with my best buddy when he died. My buddy’s family had the great idea of surrendering me to GRRIN so they could help find the perfect home for me. I worked hard in foster care practicing my manners and adjusting to life without my constant companion, when along came Drew & Annie. They both grew up with dogs and thought it was time to have a dog be part of their family. I’m telling you it was love at first sight for all three of us. We spent time wiggling, petting, playing and hanging out. By the end of our first meeting we were gazing into each other’s eyes and there was no question that we were meant for each other. As I write this I have been with Drew & Annie for a couple weeks, and am not looking back. I love that I am home alone for only short periods of time. When we are together we walk and play outside or just be together with me by their side. We’ve also gone to a local pet store for a play date and I got good marks on the “plays well with others” section of my report card. I continue to practice my manners, because I don’t always get that “sit” or “stay” in foster care means the same thing in my new home. Annie & Drew say I’m learning fast and am a smart guy. I have met this cat that also seems to stay at my house. I promise I’m being nice, but a cat will take a while to adjust to. Cats are such strange creatures, don’t you think? Thanks to all the great folks at GRRIN, including my foster family and especially Drew & Annie for the great life I have again.