10-09 Sage 10-09

Adopted by:
Adam, Nikki, Hannah and Tate

Sage is a one year old Golden surrendered to GRRIN because her original family could no longer keep her. She went to foster care with Terry and his two grown-up dogs, Maggie and Harley. She kept Terry busy because she lived up to her breed name – Retriever! Terry frequently searched for slippers, shoes and socks! Sage is very smart and quickly learned the house rules, so Terry said that she could meet a family. Within a few hours of an initial phone call, Adam, Nikki, and Hannah were already meeting Sage and it was love at first sight! It was later obvious that Sage and Tate (the resident German Shorthaired Pointer) were a perfect match and the adoption became official. Sage’s new family has said that despite the fact that she likes to counter surf and jump up for hugs, she’s really quite well-behaved for a 14-month old dog. That is a pretty accurate account of what to expect from a young Golden, and Sage is very lucky that her family is committed to making her a well-mannered girl. Keep watching for a picture of both Tate and Sage – those two won’t sit still long enough to get a good shot with the camera, so for now we’re using one from her foster dad!