10-13 Brody aka Buddy II 10-13

Adopted by:
Dick and Judy

Hi, my name is Brody (10-13). When Dick and Judy came to pick me up at Tori’s house, my name was still Buddy, but I think they had to put a number behind my old name because there were so many dogs names Buddy in GRRIN. Anyway, I like my new name, and I always come when they call me. I’m really tall and thin, and I LOVE to run after a ball in our big back yard. I run so fast I usually get ahead of the ball. I play with my new sister, Sadie (5-19) whenever we aren’t napping. She tried to ignore me when I first came to live here, but I wore her down, and now we’re great friends. My favorite chew toy is a deer antler. I can chew and chew and hardly wear it down at all. I have to go into a crate when Dick and Judy are gone, because I pull things off counters when I get bored. I don’t like the crate, so they are hoping I become more trustworthy when they are gone. I’m really trying. They love my enthusiasm, whatever that is. I’m really happy here, and I show it by getting under the vanity and laying on Judy’s feet in the mornings when she’s putting on her makeup. This is my forever home.