10-16 Sawyer (formerly Scooby) 10-16

Adopted by:
Dave and Deb

Sawyer has brought our family much joy. We adopted him in June 2010. He has adjusted well to our routine. Although the 4 cats in the house had some adjusting to do. Sawyer keeps us on an active schedule. He was about 2 years old when we adopted him. Dave has been working with Sawyer on shaking hands and retrieving the ball. The boys get a laugh out of the “hot laps” that Sawyer runs in our backyard when he is excited. We are on the second round of training classes, and Sawyer is doing great. He absolutely loves his walks and car rides. The park near our house is his favorite place to visit. Thank you, GRRIN, for helping us find our new family member, Sawyer! 10-16 Scooby HE 4of4 10-16 Scooby HE 2of4 10-16 Scooby HE 3of4