10-18 Odie 10-18

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My adoptive Dad tells me that I’m now an official ambassador for GRRIN, so I have to be on my best behavior as I tell you my story. I started my life quite far from here. I never really knew what it was like to run and jump like a puppy because of discomfort in my hind leg. My family loved me very much, but fell on some hard times. A Good Samaritan helped me find my way into GRRIN. I went to live with Foster Parents Tim and Nikki while Tim assessed my temperament. He noticed that I was limping, so he took me into the vet. After some tests and consultations with an expert, I was diagnosed with hip luxation. This is a condition where the leg bone pulls completely away from the hip socket. I was told that it was amazing that I could even walk! My foster Dad started a fundraiser to raise money for a complete hip replacement. The GRRIN supporters responded by donating about $5,000, which covered all the costs! How cool is that? Tim took me to the Kansas State University Vet College where I met some very nice doctors. After some tests and an examination, I was prepped for surgery. It was a major procedure. I was told that I couldn’t put my full weight on my right leg for weeks. Tim picked me up and transported me back home where I had to remain calm without exercise. He also had to support my weight when I went outside and used the restroom. Before long I started to feel better, and didn’t have any pain in my hip anymore! But I still had to remain quiet while everything healed. I still remember the day that I could walk entirely on my own. I looked back at Tim to make sure it was OK. He said that it was. I then ran like a slingshot around the back yard, ending up running too fast into his legs! Over the next few weeks I found that I had my missing puppy energy back, and I was going to make up for lost time! Tim worked with me to adjust my structure and discipline, and I began to learn my manners all over again. One day Terry came to visit me and we hit it off right away. Tim said that he knew that it was a special match when I licked Terry on the face – something that I’d never done before. But I couldn’t help it! It was like we were soulmates! Now I’m living with Terry and his Golden Retriever, Maggie. One of the nicknames he gave me was Tiny. Even though I’m not small, I like his sense of humor. He’s also trying to teach me how a snooze button works, but I just don’t get it. The alarm noise is a sound that means a great day is about to begin! Terry continues to give me the structure and discipline that I need while providing a lot of affection. He fosters high-energy dogs for GRRIN, so I usually have a Wrestlemania playmate! I’m good friends with Maggie, but as the Golden matriarch of the family, she’ll always have my respect (and space when she demands it). I will always be thankful to GRRIN for taking me in, fixing my body, and finding me the perfect match. THANK YOU!!! Hey, Dad – can I go outside and play now? Odie 10-18 at forever home Odie 10-18 at home forever