10-19 Sam 10-19

Adopted by:
Leigh and Grant

I’m Sam and I was adopted a few months ago, but my mom and dad were busy tying the knot this summer so I’m just now getting my story out to the public. My new mom and dad were actually my foster parents; because I fit into their lives so well, they decided to adopt me and make me their third “kid”. I spent my summer vacation going on many walks and my weight is down to 93 lbs (I know, I’m a big goofy guy!). Leigh says that I’m the best snuggler in the family and every night I sleep right next to her. Even though I’m four years old I act a lot like a puppy, but everyone still loves me and I have my own special seat in the car. My nickname is “Sweet Face Sam” – can’t you tell by my pictures? 10-19samhe2.JPG 10-19samhe4.JPG