10-20 Shack Happy Ending 10-20

Adopted by:
Ron and Irma

Hello, my name is Shack. I turned 9 years old in April and sure love my new forever home and family. Ron & Irma are so good to me (they’re spoiling me a little too much, but I love it). When I got here I found a big box of toys and plenty of tennis balls to play with. I get to go in the car for a ride to the park everyday and meet with my new dog friends. I always take a tennis ball with me to play with. I’m getting to where I can catch it really well. Ron lets me go with him to get the mail everyday and I get to carry it home for him. I’m also learning to get the newspaper for him. He gives me all these important jobs to do. I’m the GRRIN poster senior Golden for getting adopted into a home without a fenced yard. It’s a big responsibility to stay in my own yard, but I do real well with it (unless I see that pesky ground squirrel). I heard a neighbor lady say she hated what they were doing to her flowers, so now I try to take care of the whole neighborhood. Irma’s real cool, she likes to play with me and just cuddle. She fixes me great food to eat (and a treat now and then). We had to try a bunch of samples from the pet food store before we finally got it right. I decided that I like Buffalo and Venison better than poultry, and since I have a lot of allergies there is no grain in it. Thanks so much to everyone at GRRIN for all of their help, love and care. I really like my tennis balls! 10-20Shack HE3 10-20Shack HE1