10-23 Rustic aka Manny 10-23

Adopted by:
Nancy, Helen, Berkley and Thunder

Hi everyone, this is Rustic! Boy, have I had an exciting summer. I came to live with Nancy, Helen and their two Goldens and it’s been fantastic. They started out as my foster family and soon realized I just had to stay. My oldest Golden brother is Thunder, the wise old man of the pack. He’s 15! Then there’s Berkley, who’s only 9. So, since I’m just a year old, I’m obviously the little brother who’s still learning the ropes. It’s been so much fun the past few months doing things like camping and learning to swim in a lake! When I’m home, I romp and play in the yard with my brothers and, did I mention another Golden lives right next door? I fancy myself as a collector or, as my mom says, a hoarder. No, not baseball cards or beanie babies. I enjoy picking up whatever’s lying around on the ground (like a plastic flower pot) or on the kitchen counter (have you heard of another Golden who goes for celery?) and hides it. What can I say? GRRIN got me into my wonderful, loving forever home. I really am a happy camper! Check out this great photo: I’m the handsome blonde guy on the right, Thunder is in the back and Berkley is up front.