10-24 Cianni renamed Sophie 10-24


SHHHHHH. I’ve found something that I didn’t know existed, and I want to keep it quiet so it won’t be taken away! My name is Sophie, but I also used to be known by the name Cianni and Tally. I used to live outside in a country kennel where I was used as a breeder dog. My life wasn’t too bad – I was taken care of pretty well – but I didn’t get much social interaction with people. One day a very nice lady took me away from the kennel, and we lived together in an apartment. It quickly became apparent that I would need more exercise space, so she called the good folks at GRRIN. I made my way into the home of Dave and Michelle and their GRRIN Golden Retriever, Bo. It took me awhile to become accustomed to being indoors and around people. But through patience, structure, and affection, I gradually came out of my shell. Before I knew it, I was dividing my time between hanging out with my foster parents and wrestling with Bo. One day I met Jerry and Terri, their two daughters, and their Golden Retriever, Sadie. After a bit of hesitation on my part, we all hit it off. Today I’m part of a forever-home that adores me. I’m still learning about all the different noises in a house. Sadie and I are slowly becoming best buddies, and we’re now sharing toys and playing together in the back yard. I’m called a princess…and you know what? I feel like Cinderella! My journey from a kennel dog to a beloved family member has been fantastic. And after thinking about it, I’m confident that my glass slipper won’t be taken away, so please tell everyone you know that my new owners and the GRRIN volunteers are the best! In my family photo, I’m on the left side and Sadie’s on the right. We’re close at the sides of our family! 10-24 Cianni Ready 10-24 Sophie (formerly Cianni) waiting to meet her forever family