10-27 BJ 10-27

Adopted by:
Steve, Cindy, Michael and Jason

Hi, this is BJ, another newly-adopted GRRIN dog! Awhile back, my new mom, Cindy, sent the GRRIN folks a wonderful email message to give them an update on how I’m doing in my forever home. You might remember me as the “dad” of a family of Goldens recently surrendered to GRRIN. We are all in new, loving forever homes but our adoptive families sometimes arrange for reunions. Aren’t we lucky? Here’s what Mom has to say: “We met Elli (formerly K-5 Missy 10-31) at the dog park. I’ve included a photo from that day. BJ is on the left. Elli and BJ had lots of fun running around the park and seeing each other again. That was the first time I had let BJ just run (not being in our back yard) so I was nervous but survived the “letting go” process. He just loved running around the park with Elli and the other dogs. It was neat watching him really let loose and run and run and run! He’s so graceful and his coat just looks beautiful flying in the breeze. We have to work on coming back when called. At home he does real well but, just like a kid, when he’s out playing…he ignores Mom’s call. J We went to our first GRRIN “meet and greet” recently. BJ was so excited to meet all the other GRRIN dogs. Quite a few people knew about BJ. One gal said, “Oh, you’re the Daddy, BJ!” We were proud to show off our beloved forever friend! He loves to go for a ride in the car- he’s so proud of himself when he crawls back on the back seat and sits with one of our boys. He just grins and grins. BJ has finally figured out that when I leave for work in the morning that I will be home at lunch time to “scritch” his belly and go out back for a little bit. We love going for walks and he loves getting all combed out. He’s a snuggler and loves jumping up on our bed to rest and especially at night to watch some TV with us when the boys go to bed. Sometimes there’s the 5 of us on the bed all at once! We start going to obedience class this week. The gal there said that we will work on his “confidence” so those nasty thunderstorms won’t bother him so much. We once again thank everyone at GRRIN for letting us adopt him. He’s such a wonderful addition to our family and we are blessed to have him for a forever friend. Everyone who meets him thinks he’s so handsome, gentle and cuddly. Which he is! Thanks again, Cindy, Steve, Michael, Jason (and BJ ,too!) 10-27he1bj.jpg BJ – just being cute! 10-27bj-ellimissy.jpg Elli (formerly Missy) and BJ (on the right) reunion!