10-32 Aspen (aka Ruby) 10-32

Adopted by:
Bruce and Vikki

Hello everyone! My name is Aspen and I am 6 years old but my mom and dad think I act more like I am 3 years old! I came from a family that had to give me up because they were moving and could not take me with. My foster parents, Bruce and Vikki must have thought I was pretty special because they decided to adopt me. I think life is pretty cool here as I have sooo many toys and get to go on walks everyday! It was hard at first since I wasn’t used to it, but I love it now and have even lost 6lbs! One of my FAVORITE things to do is go for car rides. It doesn’t matter where we are going as long as I get to go. I have met so many of the other GRRIN dogs and now know what it is to play like a dog. I was a little afraid of other dogs at first, but my mom, Vikki helped me by being real careful and slowly introducing me to the other dogs and now I LOVE IT!!! I have even done the impossible and changed my dad Bruce into a true dog lover! I think it is because I like to play so much with him and look to him for reassurance. He is trying to help me learn to swim! I have made it in the water, but am afraid to go into the deep end yet. I know with his help I will be doing the dog paddle very soon! Thank you GRRIN for helping me find my new home and parents that love me so very much! 10-32aspenrubyhe2.jpg