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Hi everyone, its Riley! I’ve had a wonderful summer getting pampered and tuned up for just the right family. The GRRIN folks discovered that I am blind in my right eye but this has never ever held me back! Luckily, I had the greatest foster family with Cindy and Everett and Queen Hayley the Corgi. I had some minor eye surgery in July but this just made me even more perfect. My foster family helped me heal and always believed in me that I was just like any other playful Golden Retriever. I loved playing fetch and I could chase Hayley for hours in the backyard with my ratty old tennis ball. I really miss her! Luckily my life has just continued to get better. I met Deb and Joe and their son Mike and we knew we were perfect for each other. Since coming to my forever home, I still get to play fetch all the time and I get to go for long walks everyday. I’ve met all the neighbors and I sure do like the dog who lives next door. There is a cat who lives in my new home and we are warming up to each other quite nicely. The other day, she came up to me to check me out so I just went ahead and gave her a big wet sloppy kiss on the face. She realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t the same Golden who used to live here but I think we’ll be good friends soon. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful new home. Thank you to everyone who loved me and helped me to get right where I belong! 10-36 Riley HE 1 10-36 Riley 2010.08.14 3DB 10-36 Riley HE 2