10-38 Ginger 10-38


WOW! So THIS is what it’s like to be part of a perfect forever-home! My name is Ginger. My new Mom says that my name fits me well because I have a spicy personality. I look like a miniature Golden Retriever at only 25 lbs. They think that I’m a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix. I’ve had quite a journey in my short life. I started out in Kansas, in a home that didn’t treat me very well. There was another dog that bit me, and my owners tried using DUCK TAPE to potty train me! They thankfully gave me up to a local animal shelter. A very nice lady in Iowa saw my profile on PetFinder, and she drove a LONG distance to adopt me. Most of the family really loved me, but their resident Chihuahua didn’t want to share her pad with another dog, and let me know in no uncertain terms. We tried to work things out, but it didn’t happen. The nice lady contacted GRRIN, and I made my way into a great foster home with dogs that actually LIKED me! But by this time I had learned to protect myself from getting hurt, and I was very leery of them, giving them a STARE before snapping at them. Through some very patient interactions and occasional corrections, I gradually learned what it was like to correctly socialize with other dogs, and I’ve gotten to the point where I only occasionally break out the STARE, and it’s getting less and less frequent. One day a very nice family came to visit me. They were all great! There was the Mom, Tori, the Dad, Jeff, the kids David, Michael, Hannah, and Jonathan, and GRRIN Golden Retriever Roxie! We all had an instant connection. I tried giving Roxie the STARE, but she only smiled back at me. The kids couldn’t get enough of playing with me. Jeff played the role of the Dad perfectly by sitting back and surveying the situation (but I could tell by the gleam in his eye that he liked me). And I knew right away that Tori and I were meant to have a special bond. After a meeting like this, it was evident to everyone that I had found my forever-home. I will always be grateful to my foster family for getting me pointed in the direction, but now my GPS has been reset to HOME. Since the adoption, life has been great! I’m still learning that I’m an accepted part of the family. I’ve been to obedience training, and am regularly exercised, played with, and given structure. My favorite new trick is to roll on my back with my legs straight out and show off my belly on command! How cool is that! Another favorite activity is to accompany Tori as she tucks the kids into bed. I like making sure that everyone is safe. Life is great, and I have to say it again: WOW! 10-38gingerhe2.jpg