10-41 Bo 10-41

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Do you remember the old television commercial for some kind of gross doggie treats where the dog said; “Happy dog, happy dog, I’m a happy dog”? Well, the treats may not have been so great but their slogan really sums up my feelings. Oh yeah, my name is Bo. Sorry. I’ve always been a really happy boy, even though my previous life was sort of lonely because my first owners didn’t have much time for me. But now I am ecstatic, and you can see it in my smile and my loving eyes. Misty took such good care of me as my foster Mom and I loved hanging out with her golden Hawkeye. But, all I really wanted was my own forever home with my own forever Dad. Now I have him. I met Wayne one night and, of course, he fell in love with me. I mean, how could you not?! I loved him too because I could tell he is a gentle and caring man. He even brought me a toy and I never had toys, before coming to Misty’s house. So only a couple days later and here I am settling into my new home in Omaha with my new best friend and loving owner, Wayne. We are going for walks on the golf course, getting to know each other and starting our own “man’s club”. I even get to live in the house with Wayne, ALL THE TIME! Can you believe that? Man is my life great now. Thanks Wayne for loving me. Thanks Misty and Hawkeye for taking care of me while I waited for Wayne to come along. Thanks GRRIN for making it possible for my life to be better than I could have even imagined! I love you all!!