10-42 Rusty 10-42

Adopted by:
Morgan and Mindy

Hey, everyone! I’m Rusty, an oh-so-happy Golden who recently landed in my forever home. Up to this point, I kind of had a hard life. I won’t go into great detail because I don’t want to make you too sad, but I had an injury and, unfortunately, I lost most of my tail. I know that sounds just terrible but it’s really ok and I don’t need a tail to wag to show you how glad I am to see you. It helped a lot that the fantastic folks in GRRIN rescued me and set me up in the best foster home I could imagine. I lived with Judy and her two Goldens for a few months while I healed and it wasn’t long before I regained my spunk. I learned a lot about love and trust when I lived at Judy’s house so when I met my adoptive mom, Mindy, I was all set for the next adventure in my life. Mindy and her daughter, Morgan, tell me all the time that I’m the sweetest dog ever and a perfect match for them. We go on lots of walks, have play time and just love being together as a family. One thing Morgan and I do is play “school”, whatever that is! She is always the teacher and I’m something called a “student”. She even gives me funny pieces of paper to look at and she calls them “worksheets”! Honestly, I don’t know exactly what this game is but since it’s important to Morgan it’s super-important to me! If it hadn’t been for GRRIN, I would have never met Mindy, Morgan, and all the other great folks in this group. Thanks!