10-43 Chewie 10-43

Adopted by:
Erin and Pat

Hi, I’m Chewie. Although I’m 5 years old now I cannot tell a lie, I still live up to my name. I used to live with a nice family. They were a big and busy family and decided that they couldn’t really give me as much attention as I deserved. That’s where my GRRIN family came in, always there when you need a friend. With GRRIN I lived in a foster family where they could get to know me better and help me find my forever home. GRRIN has lived up to their promise to find me a forever home. I was adopted by Erin & Pat. I’m thrilled with my new home and they feel the same about me as an addition to their family. I play active with Pat and snuggle with Erin; it’s a perfect arrangement. I’ll follow Pat & Erin everywhere they go and even sleep right next to them, we’re all good buddies. There was another Buddy that came to visit over the holidays, that’s him with me in the photo. I got along with Buddy the Pomeranian, but we aren’t friends in the way that Pat, Erin and I are. Although I’m enjoying the snow, as the weather gets warmer it will be nice getting out to socialize, practice some things I know and learn a few new things, maybe like learning not to chew everything! Life is good. Pat playing with Chewie 10-43 Chewie HE2 10-43 Chewie 3db 2010.08.14 JF3 Chewie’s as playful as he is handsome. 10-43 Chewie 3db 2010.08.14 JF1 Chewie….what’s not to love?