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Hi everyone, this is Ziggy! Remember me? I joined the GRRIN family a few months ago and hit the jackpot when they set me up to live with my foster dad, Terry, and his two Goldens. It was such a good fit for me because I’m a young and very energetic guy who needed a loving, structured, yet fun home environment. I learned a lot at Terry’s and then, one day, this super-nice couple, Kate and Nolan, stopped by and before I knew it I had a forever home, just like that. It is SO great living with them. We go on walks to the park and they let me run and run. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, Nolan and I play fetch in the basement and man, I know it will be so awesome when I can chase Frisbees in the backyard. When we aren’t playing fetch, Nolan and I also do our own version of “Wrestlemania”. I should also mention I have a new “cousin,” a Border Collie named Tuxedo. Playing with him reminds me how much fun I had with my foster family’s dogs. GRRIN is just the best when it comes to giving cool dogs like me a second chance at finding love and happiness. 2010 10 30 Kenl Inn Howl-O-Ween 10-45 Ziggy sit 2010 10 30 Kenl Inn Howl-O-Ween 10-45 Ziggy