10-46 Angus 10-46

Adopted by:
John and Jodi

Angus became a part of our family on September 18, 2010. We lost our beloved Haley in July 2010 due to cancer. I was devastated. I knew that I wanted another Golden because of their gentle nature. We contacted GRRIN and was allowed to meet Angus at his foster parent’s home (Erika and Seth). We fell in love with the big boy. We don’t know a lot about his coming to GRRIN, but we do know that he had a wonderful foster home. We thank Seth and Erika so very much for allowing us to adopt Angus. As you can tell from the pictures that he is really a good looking boy. We are both retired and are able to spend most all day with Angus. He plays very hard in the morning running his big back yard and talking to the neighborhood dogs,then he goes for a lesson in leash walk. By mid afternoon he is ready for a nap and has no qualms about taking his nap on the couch in the family room. When he gets up he’s ready for more playing and learning. He loves to take road trips and is very good in the car. We enjoy Angus very much and could not imagine our lives without him. We are very thankful to GRRIN and all that they do for Golden Retrievers. 10-46angus-sunset-012.jpg 10-46angus-sunset-009.jpg While in his wonderful foster home, Angus learned a new trick! Check it out!