10-48 Greta Garbo HE 10-48

Adopted by:
Pam and Craig

Hi Everyone! Greta Garbo(10-48) here, aka Greta Lilly Garbo, aka Sweet Pea! Well, it’s been a year since I was rescued by the brave, caring, great people at GRRIN. I will always love you for giving me my new life. I want to thank my foster mama and papa, Candie & Bob for taking such good care of me when I came out of the horrible puppy mill in Missouri, and when I went on my 13 day “vacation”, they didn’t give up looking for me. Thank you, if it wasn’t for you all I wouldn’t be here today and with my forever mama & papa. I was rescued at the same time as Mama Gracie (Gracies’ puppies), Cheerio, and Farley. I hope they are all doing well, maybe I will see them at Gold Rush! This year has been the best so far in my short little life, and I know there are many more to come! I am still a quiet, shy girl, but my Momma says I will be learning new things my whole life. I’ve only barked a few times. I don’t play with toys yet, but I have a few snuggling buddies. I LOVE to be brushed and mom is saving all of my fur. Mom says my hair bows and my eyelashes are my signature and I don’t go out without my bows on—I just got new Halloween ones! I love going to GRRIN event too. Mamma calls me her Sweet Pea all the time, and even got me a Sweet Pea Halloween costume—I’m not sure I like it though. She says I will always be her Sweet Pea even if I don’t wear it. I love my Mamma & Papa. I have learned so much already. For one thing, soft things to lie on are great! I love sleeping upside down in my new bed! It took me until just this last week to realize this. I love my walks, and I must say I am very good at them. I am very polite, and I always sit before we cross a street. I am allowed to sniff everything I want when we go for a walk. It is MY walk you know! I still get scared at sudden noises, but storms don’t bother me, and I am learning that people can be nice. I like to play at the fence with my neighbor buddy, we run up and down the fence line wagging our tails. He tries to show me how to play with a big ball, but I prefer watching him do it. I am trustworthy in the house, and when mom & dad are gone, I lie in front of the window and watch for them to come home, and then I squeak when they come back. One of my favorite places to snooze is under the desk when mom is in her office. Mom lets me be her “hands on teacher” when she teaches Pet CPR. The best part is when everyone gets to find my pulse because I get tummy rubs too! So, life is grand! I am a very lucky girl to have been rescued by wonderful people. Thank you again. –Greta Lilly 10-48 Greta Garbo HE 10-48 Greta Garbo HE 10-48 Greta Garbo HE 10-48 Greta Garbo HE 10-48 Greta Garbo HE Adopted October 2010