10-49 Farley 10-49

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My name is Farley, and I’ve been on a very long journey. I started out my life in a Missouri puppy mill with 200 other dogs. Life was rough, and I never knew what it was like to be loved. One day a nice lady took me and some other dogs out of the prison. I was very scared because I didn’t know what was happening. Whenever a human came up to me, I’d lay flat on the ground and not move. We made our way to a place called Nebraska, and I entered an organization called GRRIN. At first there was more uncertainty as I met more new people. But these people had dogs – and I knew how to act around dogs! I went to the home of Dave and Michelle, and their Golden Retriever, Bo. Gradually I stopped laying on the floor and started to realize that humans were not the evil type that I grew up with, but were loving, caring, and patient. I made “half-baby” steps toward building my confidence and trust in the world around me. One day I met a man named Gary. The humans that knew me were very surprised because without being asked I went right up to him and put my head in his lap. I hadn’t done that before with a total stranger. There was just something about his energy that clicked with me. He was a quiet, laid-back guy, and so am I. It was pretty apparent to everyone that I’d found the right home. It was hard to say good-bye to Dave, Michelle, and Bo, but I was excited to start my forever-life with Gary. Now I’m a constant companion that is getting more confident every day. I love playing in the back yard and doing several “figure-eights” before running indoors. Walks are also a favorite activity, with Gary at my side. My life-journey continues, but I’m not scared anymore because of all the love that I’ve received from the volunteers at GRRIN. I’m a very, very happy boy. Adopted April 2011 10-49 Farley Adopted