10-52 Jake 10-52

Adopted by:
Anita and Jim and Miss Dots

Hey there, everyone! My name is Jake, and I’ve found my forever home! My life started out kind of rocky because my first owner didn’t know how to care for a puppy. Fortunately his friend recognized that I was in need of an intervention! She took me in and called the good folks at GRRIN. Before I knew it I was in a great foster home with Jim and Theresa, their three daughters, and their fun-filled Golden Retriever, Eli. I learned a lot of things while in foster care, and I had a ton of fun doing it! One day I met Anita and Jim. I could tell that these were good people by the way they played with me. It wasn’t long before they started the process to make me a permanent member of their family. There was one final hurdle – I had to get along with their resident English Pointer, Miss Dots. HOLY COW! Can that girl RUN! I thought that I was fast, but she can run circles around me! When she finally slowed down enough for me to get to know her, we struck up a fast friendship (no pun intended). Now my life revolves around being loved and trained by my humans and keeping up with Miss Dots! Life couldn’t be sweeter!