10-54 Bailey aka Molly 10-54

Adopted by:
Rob, Amy and Tessie

Oh I’m DANCING (wiggling) for joy!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Rob and Amy loved me at first sight and I loved them right back. They looked and looked and looked for just the right Golden Retriever to that would make them all happy!! And that included Tessie who is now my new sister!! Wow! I have a sister and I LOVE her! When Rob and Amy came to get me from Misty’s house I was going to make sure they didn’t leave without me so I sat on Amy’s feet, just to let them know that they were making the right decision – that I was their dog! They even thought I looked more like a Molly instead of a Bailey – I’m good with that, new life, new name – wow! What an adventure, and I love adventures! My foster brother Hawkeye is probably a little relieved that I am leaving, cuz even though he was patient with me and played with me A LOT – he’s a little older and put up a good act to play with an 11 mos. old. Thanks Hawkeye, I will never forget you! Tessie is only a few months older than I am and I know we are going to have some really good times together. Maybe Rob will even have some old baseballs to throw for me. I LOVE to play and Love to run! Did I tell you I am SO Happy?? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind me of what a very lucky dog I am. The people at GRRIN have been wonderful to me – so many people came to “bat” for me to find me just the right home. Wow! Did I mention that I am SO Happy? Dancing and Wiggling with Happiness and Love, Wow-Wow = Woof-Woof Molly (once known as Bailey)