10-55 Bear 10-55

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Hi, I’m Bear and I want to tell you about my early Christmas present! Do you have just a minute? Good! Well, the story starts when my original owners gave me up for adoption because they had these little humans come along. I guess they were worried I’d knock them down or something. That’s really weird because I love children. In fact, my foster mom and dad have a little one and we got along great. Anyway, they put me outside….all by myself!! I hated that because I used to get to be in the house all of the time. I was lonely and really missed being with my family; especially at night. I was so grateful when GRRIN found such a loving foster home for me to go to. I got to stay inside all of the time with their other two dogs, two cats, and little human. Home, sweet home! But, deep down, I knew I needed my own home and family. I knew someone needed me to complete their home too. Along came Phyllis. We first met at a GRRIN event, then again a few weeks later at my foster home. She brought along her border collie to meet me too. Can you imagine? A new mom, a new family, a new FOREVER HOME for Christmas? To quote a line from an old movie; “Yes, Virginia (or in my case BEAR), there is a Santa Claus!” Or maybe it was someone higher and more powerful that Santa. Hmmmmm…………..?! Thanks GRRIN. Thanks Amy and Rob. And a special thanks to my new mom, Phyllis!!!!!! I wuv you! 10-55phyllis-and-bear-laying-on-backhe.JPG