10-62 Zeus 10-62

Adopted by:
Julie, Skip, Meredith, Madeline, Jacob, Zachary, Sam, Caroline, and Clara

Hi, I’m Zeus. I started out as a stray in Sioux City. GRRIN volunteer, Rebecca, found me at the shelter and thought I would be a great GRRIN dog. My foster home was fantastic. Jim and Theresa and their three daughters were the nicest people. They gave me lots of love during my stay. I was very thin from being on the run. But Jim and Theresa worked on bulking me up to get ready to meet my forever family. Most dogs would be overwhelmed with all the people in my new family. There are nine of them. Julie, the pack leader, sings me the Mary Poppins song about how I am “Practically Perfect” and tells everyone how I came to live with the family. Meredith calls me the greatest puppy dog in the world. Madeline lets me cuddle with her in her room, even though she knows I’m not supposed to be in there! Jacob gives me treats after I sit for him. I am Zachary’s favorite cuddle partner. Sam takes me on a walk every day. Caroline and Clara brush me, and Skip is my favorite running partner. I have to agree, I really am terrific. I have a big backyard for playing fetch. I am such a good dog I get to go in the car whenever they are dropping off or picking up, which is all the time. I am always ready to do whatever my family is doing. In the house I have my favorite spots, depending on where people are, under the dining room table, under the piano or right beside the school table. I am always calm and very relaxed inside, but when my family is ready to play outside, I am the craziest puppy. I love the snow and to play fetch. I’m super-fast. I caught a rabbit and a squirrel. Julie told me she thought I was super before but after catching those critters, now she tells me I TOTALLY ROCK! My family took me to puppy class this winter. You probably won’t be surprised to learn, I was the star of the show. The instructor would tell the rest of the class to just watch Zeus. I am a very happy puppy and love my new home. My family plans to take me to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays when they play their violins. I will be there, looking oh so handsome with my GRINN scarf. Stop by and say hello. 10-62zeus6.jpg 10-62zeus4.jpg 10-62zeus2.jpg

  • Adopted by: Julie, Skip, Meredith, Madeline, Jacob, Zachary, Sam, Caroline, and Clara
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