10-63 Grace 10-63

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Hey, everyone! I’m Grace, another GRRIN success story! I was surrendered by a family who had a bit more activity in their home than I could handle. Although I know you can hardly tell it from my photo (I’m the one on the right), I’m 13 years young and at the stage where quieter is better. I’m thriving in what used to be my foster home – now my forever home! I have a wonderful life with my mom, a long-time, dedicated GRRIN volunteer and her two other wonderful female Goldens. Girls definitely rule in our household! It was so great to feel welcomed and loved from the start. My mom has helped me recover from some minor illnesses and I can always count on my canine sisters for companionship and even extra warmth and cuddling during chilly times of the year. Just today mom said she knew I felt at home. So much so that I patiently waited for my paws to be washed in a bucket of water after I decided to do a little “gardening” in the back yard. I bet Mom’s glad I know how to dig holes, right? Judy and Cinnamon are in the picture with me. Adopted April 2011