10-64 Lucy AKA Silverback 10-64

Adopted by:
Mike and Ellen

I’m Lucy, but I used to be known as Silverback. I was in the minority in my litter of 11 puppies – I was one of only two girls. But I stood my ground with all those boys! I’ve always had a spunky personality (I was born hollering), but I’m also very smart and pick up new things quickly. Life in the puppy pack was tough at first, but Mama Gracie and Foster Parents Tim and Nikki worked very hard to get us ready for the world. One day Mike and Ellen stopped by to meet us. I turned on my feminine charm, and BAM! They were hooked. They asked if they could be my adoptive parents, and everybody shouted YES! Life has been great in my forever-home. I’m continuing to work on my commands, and I love to go for walks. I have a typical puppy energy – I was running full-blast up the sidewalk recently, went to turn a corner, and realized what ICE was! I zipped headfirst into the shrubs. My Dad couldn’t help but laugh. I also have the typical puppy mischievousness – I’ve been known to play bite and dash with the toilet paper. Hmmm…maybe I could be in a commercial for Charmin? Life continues to be wonderful, and I’m so grateful for my forever-parents, my Mama Gracie, my foster parents, and the good folks at GRRIN. 10-64lucyforever2.jpg