10-67 Odie AKA Blue Boy 10-67

Adopted by:
Sara, David and Michele

Puppy? That’s me! Odie? Me, again. Gracie? That’s my Mom. Tim and Nikki? They’re my caring foster parents. Sarah and Dave? They’re my loving forever-parents. Michele? She’s my big sister. Smart? That’s how everybody describes me. Socks? They’re fun to find. Mexican food? Yummy! Playing fetch? Let’s go! Snow? A lot of fun – I like putting my head into it like an Ostrich. My communications are short and sweet, just like me (well…the short part is for the time-being). I love everything about my life. It’s good to be me! 10-67odieblueboyforever2.jpg Decked out for the holidays! 10-67odieblueboyforever3.jpg Snoozing with Michele.