10-68 Murphy AKA Brownie 10-68

Adopted by:
Steve and Linda

I’m Murphy. My name used to be Brownie, but I think my new name sounds better. As you probably know, I’m one of the puppies that were born from my Mama Gracie. My life has changed a lot since I first entered the world. Tim and Nikki were my foster parents, and they helped my Mama make sure that we were getting all that we needed – food, water, training, and PLAY! We played a lot. I had the distinction of weighing slightly more than my brothers and sisters, so I hold the Puppy Wrestling championship crown! It took awhile to pin my 10 siblings, but it was worth it. One day a man named Steve came over. He was a very nice guy – and he played and cuddled with me. It wasn’t long before I became attached to him. He said that he wanted me to come and live with his family in Spearfish, South Dakota! I had no idea where that was, but before long I was there! SNOW! I had a little experience with it at my foster home, but not like this! WOO HOO! Now Steve and Linda and their two boys include me in all kinds of activities. I love to ride with them in the car, play around the house, and romp in the yard. I’m growing every day. I’m a very happy puppy!