10-69 Cooper AKA Red Robin 10-69

Adopted by:
Lester and Margie

Today’s mission (and I choose to accept it): Chase the ball and bring it back to Margie. Got bored. New mission: Chew on my toy. Got bored. New mission: Chew tassels off of loafers. Got bored. New mission: Cuddle with Lester and snooze. I’m Cooper, and I have a lot of missions. Gracie was a great Mama, Tim and Nikki were great foster parents, and the bond that I have with my forever-family gets stronger every day. I’m a very smart boy – I know some basic commands, I’m a star student in puppy class, I’m completely housetrained, and I walk well on a leash. I couldn’t accomplish any of this without the great foundation that my Mama and foster parents gave me, as well as the continued training and support of Margie and Lester. My main job is to love my forever-family. They take such good care of me that it’s easy to complete that mission, and I’ll never get bored with it! Mission accomplished! 10-69cooperredrobinforever1.jpg