10-71 Danny AKA Green Machine 10-71

Adopted by:
Bob and Barb

Can I be in charge today? Darn. I’ll ask again tomorrow. Hi, there. My name is Danny. I was one of the 11 pups that Mama Gracie delivered. back when my name was Green Machine. I’ve been told that I’m stubborn, but it’s just being headstrong. I was in charge of keeping things in order with the puppy pack. If somebody got out of line, I’d start a round of Puppy Wrestlemania to let them know who’s boss. Unfortunately that Brownie pup usually won, so I let him think that he was in charge. ACTUALLY – I’m pretty even-tempered. I’ve always been a little assertive, but my foster parents started me out with some solid structure, and that continues today. Barb and Bob are now my pack leaders, and life is great! Barb had her eye on my ever since I was a REALLY young pup. All it took was some cuddle-time with her, and she was hooked. Life in their pack is great. I’m called a chow hound because I love food. After I’ve finished with my kibble, I get to hang around until the kitties are done eating and then POUNCE on any remaining tidbits. Sometimes I get so excited that I end up scaring them off. Barb and Bob are working with me on the waiting thing….but it’s HARD, you know? One of my favorite places to sleep is laying on the rungs of the kitchen stools. Barb says that she doesn’t know why….but if you promise not to tell her, I’ll clue you in: One of my favorite sleeping positions in the whelping box was on the rails that went around the sides (to prevent Mama from accidentally laying down and pinching us between the wall and her). I don’t know why I liked it…but I did. And now it takes me back to my early puppyhood, with the fond memories. When I’m not sleeping or eating I have the usual puppy personality of chewing and playing and chewing and running. I also pause to watch some TV from time-to-time. I sure wish they’d watch some Air Bud, though. Life is pretty great for this pup! 10-71dannyforever2.jpg 10-71dannyforever1.jpg