10-72 Brinkley AKA Orange Julius 10-72

Adopted by:
Michelle, Donald and Ashley

Hey there, my name is Brinkley. I’ve been compared to Tigger because I love to bounce and jump with joy. I can’t help it – I’m just happy! Why? Because I’m the luckiest pup around! Not only did I have a great Mom (Gracie), and wonderful foster parents (Tim and Nikki), but I have a fantastic forever-home with Michelle, Donald, and my best friend Ashley! My job is to provide the entertainment. I’m so smart that I took the usual puppy game of toilet-paper theft to a new level by weaving it in and out of the chair legs in the dining room! I love the high-energy stuff, but I also like to snuggle in with my “pack” and wind down. That’s when we all bask in the love of a family. But before long, I can’t help myself….bouncy, trouncy, bouncy trouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun fun! And the most wonderful thing about Brinkley is I’m the only one! OH, I’M THE ONLY ONE! 10-72brinkleyorangejuliusforever1.jpg Brinkley with best friend Ashley.