10-73 Hurley AKA Purple People Eater 10-73

Adopted by:
Jill and Jason

Hi my name is Hurley AKA Purple People Eater. I have had a great start in life with my wonderful mom (Gracie) and the best foster parents ever, Tim and Nikki. Now I have found my forever home with Jill and Jason and my best friends Jackson and Jameson. Jackson and I are the best of buds! He helps me burn off my puppy energy by running around with me and playing ball all the time. I remember what Nikki told me about sticking close to that little one, he drops lots of tasty treats. My forever home is amazed at my retrieving abilities. It seems that at least once a week I come home with a new ball that I have found in my explorations in the backyard. Did I mention how much I love to play outside? Especially when it snows! On the weekends we go to the park and play with my new dog friends. I am so smart and love to show everyone how well I sit, I’m still working on that stay thing. Life is good! 10-73hurleyadopt2.jpg 10-73hurleyadopt3.jpg