10-74 Jesse AKA Purple Prince 10-74

Adopted by:
Lindsay, KC, Michael, and Ellie Mae

Hi, Guys, my name is Jesse. Some of you who followed Gracie’s pups might know me as Purple Prince. My forever-home is the coolest! Not only do I have the bestest parents, I have the bestest kid, and the bestest dog-playmate! Lindsey and KC give me great structure and love, Michael loves to play with me, and Ellie Mae is my wrestling partner! I was one of the 11 GoldenDoodle pups from my Mama Gracie. I loved my puppy brothers and sisters, my first humans Tim and Nikki, and my great foster parent Danielle. But when I met my soon-to-be forever-family, SPARKS flew! Now I’m experiencing the sweet life. I’m a water dog – I love playing in it, lying it, or falling asleep next to my water bowl. Michael, Ellie Mae and I play so much that my Mom calls us the Three Amigos. I recently learned that sleeping on the bed beats sleeping on the floor. Thanks for teaching me about that, Grandma! TV time is great. I especially like nature shows (bird calls are my favorite). When my parents set up the video player, there’s a Doodle that looks just like me playing with a dog that looks just like Ellie Mae! How cool is that? My nickname is Fluff-A-Muffin, but I should be called LUCKY because that’s how my life has turned out! 10-74jesseforever1.jpg Jesse, Michael and Ellie Mae 10-74jesseforever2.jpg Ellie Mae and Jesse