10-81 Daisy 10-81

Adopted by:
Chris, Vicky, Amanda and Rebecca

I’m Daisy, remember me? I’ve been getting settled in my forever home and having so much fun playing, but wanted to sit & stay long enough to tell you my story. It has been a big adventure. I’ll start from the beginning. When I was a pup I went home with a wonderful woman. She taught me all the things I had to know to get along in the world. She and I got along well and enjoyed each other’s company a lot. Unfortunately things in our life changed and my friend had to move to an apartment and couldn’t find one to accept me. My friend wanted what was best for me, so she trusted the people at GRRIN to find me a new home. After spending a little time in foster care my foster mom was able to describe the types of homes that would be just right for me. I met Chris, Vicky, and their 2 girls and I think we all knew it was a good match for us. The next day I got to go to their home and meet Peppy, a 12-year-old dog, and Pumpkin, a 2-year-old cat. I liked both Peppy and Pumpkin, and they liked me, too. I was a little surprised, but since we all got along it was a unanimous decision that I would stay at Chris and Vicky’s house. I’ve been with Chris, Vicky, Amanda, Rebecca, Peppy and Pumpkin for nearly a month now. I have been having a good time playing in the house, playing in the snow, and just hanging out with my new family. I have new toys and a bed that is just for me, but I’ve decided I really like sleeping with Amanda. Life is good, isn’t it? Adopted Jan. 2011