10-82 Harley 10-82

Adopted by:
Mo, Sarah, Hannah and Walter

Hi everyone, its me Harley! I was surrendered from a family that didn’t have much time for me. I wasn’t used to living inside so boy was I happy when I met Misty and her Golden Retriever named Hawkeye. I have to admit that I really didn’t have the best manners when I first joined Misty’s pack. I may have tested my limits and chewed on a few things just to let her know I was there. Thankfully Misty is quite saavy when it comes to teaching dogs like me. Both she and Hawkeye taught me manners, patience and most of all how to be part of a loving family. I’m especially thankful that Misty took me to a GRRIN event in Omaha, because it was there I met my forever family. I think we both knew right away that I didn’t belong with anyone else! I love that Sarah and Mo immediately made me part of the family. I love my tennis balls and kong toys. I get to go for walks, help with chores around the house and even go pick up the kids from school. I like helping Hannah study, even if its just snuggling up next to her. I also love playing with Walter and I take turns sleeping near everyone in the house. My foster mom always knew that I was loyal and had soooo much love to give and I am so thankful to be where I am now. Thanks GRRIN for making me happier than I ever could have imagined! 10-82harleyhe1.JPG Walter and Harley taking a snooze. 10-82harleyhe2.JPG Harley helping Hannah with her studies.