10-84 Liberty 10-84


Hello there, I’m Liberty! I’ve got a great life story to tell, would you like to hear it? Let’s start at the beginning. My family got me when I was just a puppy. Since I was born close to the 4th of July, they named me Liberty. They loved me dearly and taught me many things. I know sit, down, come, stay and even shake. I love to greet people but I know not to jump up on them, I can be trusted alone in the house, I don’t have accidents, and I know you humans frown on begging and stealing food off the counters so I don’t! I lived with young children and know how to be very gentle with them. Sadly though, things changed for my family and they weren’t able to give me the time or attention that I deserved so they asked GRRIN to find me a new forever home. I went to live with my foster family until the right family came along. I loved playing with the 2 resident dogs. We got along great and shared toys and even food. The only things that I put dibs on are my bones! A girl’s got to have something to call her own doesn’t she? I kept a watchful eye on Evan and we had a great time playing dress up. One day, Nancy, my foster mom, told me I was going to meet a family that was looking for a lovable golden. I knew the minute we met that this was where I belonged! Bryce, Tiffany, Lauryn and Jacque loved me instantly. Things happened very quickly and two days after we met, I was theirs! I love to play ball and go for walks with my new family. I have so much fun when the girls chase me around in the house. I do my best to wear them out! I stay pretty close to my humans and follow them around when they are home (I’m Tiffany’s shadow!). Bryce furminates me at least once a week but hey, along with the hair that I give them, I also give them lots of love! It is so great having a new dog buddy to play with too. Life is good once again. Thank you GRRIN for giving me a second chance to have the love of a good family and the kind of home all Goldens deserve! Tiffany adds… Liberty is the best! We are glad to have her. She has adjusted very well. Our other dog, Jake, and Liberty get along great. Jake is 14…and they lay by each other and chew bones together. Liberty decided to sleep on a pet bed by the foot of our bed. She has adjusted well to the routines. We have many kids that come in and out of the house…and she is happy to see them….and so gentle. She follows me (Tiffany) around a lot….they all seem to thinks she is “my dog”….she is my shadow! Maybe b/c I am home more than anyone! She listens to commands well. We had a lot of dog toys left from our Meg….and she favors this white stuffed bunny….she took all the stuffing out of it…and carries it around all over…she even knows that we call it “bunny” and she’ll go get it when we ask her! She loves to take the stuffing out of the toys….not eat them….but just unstuff them and carry them around. She loves walks through the neighborhood….our oldest daughter runs with her often. She gets “Furminated” with the Furminator brush by Bryce once a week at least….she sits and loves it! She does shed a lot…but we have decided that we’ll take that one negative with all the joy she brings! We could not have asked for a better dog. Her former owners must have spent a lot of time with her…she is so well behaved. We feel blessed to have her! Adopted Jan. 2011 10-84 Liberty HE 10-84 Liberty HE 10-84 Liberty HE