10-85 Kota AKA Kingston 10-85 AKA Jake/Scooter 10-85


Hi, I’m Kota. You may have known me as Kingston or Jake or Scooter, but my new name is Kota and I’m so glad that I have just 1 name that I come to it every time! I’ve been in as many places as I’ve had names, so when GRRIN took me in and I went to live with Terry and my new foster family, I was glad to get some stability in my life. Terry worked with me for awhile on all those things stray dogs don’t know – how to eat your own food (out of your own bowl!), how to sleep in a kennel and all the basic commands. Then one day at a GRRIN event, I met these two great people and their CRAZY dog Delko. I knew right then that they were my new family! Just 2 days later my new parents Jeris and Nikki picked me up and took me to my new house – and my new brother, Delko. Jeris and Nikki are teaching me all kinds of new tricks and taking me on daily walks – which I love! Delko and I play for hours and hours every day and chase each other all around the house and yard – we’re like 2 peas in a pod. Thanks GRRIN for finding me the perfect forever home! Adopted Feb. 2011 Delko and Kota watching over their yard 10-85 Kingston Happy Ending Kota, Nikki and Delko walking around the neighborhood 10-85 Kingston Happy Ending