11-03 Grissom 11-03

Adopted by:
Karen, Dan and Casey

Grissom was very aptly named; he is socially awkward and eats bugs (fans of the original CSI will know what that means). When he came to us, we were told the original owners had an elaborate ritual for people coming to the house due to him having an issue with meeting new people. As this issue consists of nothing more than an anxious and placating “smile” we simply ignore it and it has nearly disappeared. Keeps service people on their toes though! We also think the original family mistook play fighting for aggression as he doesn’t seem to understand traditional play invitations from Casey, our girl. It took months but with (im)patient tutoring she has taught (bullied?) him to wrestle and play “stampede” with her. Sometimes he even initiates! He is a very affectionate boy who we are very glad to call ours. From the first, there were no trust issues and he has never destroyed anything that wasn’t food. We are enjoying this inhibited, smiley boy!