11-05 Oliver HE 11-05


HI there. I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but, my name is Oliver and I am the guy who LOVES TO PLAYYYYY!!!!! I am such a happy guy I just can’t contain myself sometimes. Some might say I have too many endorphins, whatever those are. All I know is that I am so full of love and fun that I just had to have a forever home and a forever family to share my gifts with. Guess what!? I hit the jackpot. A few weeks ago, a great family came to visit me at my foster home. They were so loving and kind that I really hoped they’d take me home. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my foster Mom, Cathi. She took me in and treated me as her own. She really took good care of me and taught me how to be a really good companion. And I sure do miss her sometimes. But, deep down, I knew that there was someone out there who needed me to round out their family. That someone was Jim, Lesa, Keely, and Will. Wow, am I a lucky dog?! Right away when I got to my new home, I settled in and bonded with my new family. I thought I had a lot of energy, but my new kids wore me out!! We played all afternoon, went on a hike through the back yard, and then came back and played some more. After our long play session, Will and I fell asleep on the couch together. He’s a really good snuggler. It felt like when I was a newborn puppy snuggling with my brothers and sisters. It was AWESOME! The funny thing is that the next day, no one wanted to go to work or school. My new Mom had to bribe Will to go to school. Haha!! I guess I won their hearts!! Well, I guess they won mine too. Ahhhh…….life is good. Thank you to my foster Mom, Cathi. Thank you to GRRIN. And especially, thank you to Jim, Lesa, Keely, and Will for making me a part of the family. I LOVE YOU! 11-05 Oliver HE 11-05 Oliver Adopted October 2011