11-07 Roxie 11-07

Adopted by:
Mike, Colleen, and Kyle

Hi, everyone. I’m a Golden Retriever by the name of Roxie. Life before GRRIN was pretty uncertain for me. Then along came a great GRRIN volunteer, and my life changed a lot! First I stopped at the vet to get my health maintenance checked out and caught up. Then I spent time at a great foster home where I got plenty of exercise, learned consistent structure, and received lots of affection! One day I met Mike, Colleen, and Kyle. Did you ever have one of those moments when you just “knew”? Well, I just knew that I was supposed to be part of their family! Don’t get me wrong…I loved my foster home, but I was supposed to be somewhere else! They knew right away that I was supposed to be with them, and before long – POOF – I’m in my new home. My Mom says that it feels like I’ve been there for years, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had a few “personality moments”. One day Mike had taken some ground beef out to thaw. My humans had to go and get some extra groceries. When they came back, the ground beef (with the exception of the squeaky clean Saran Wrap) had gone missing. The lesson learned was they shouldn’t leave something so tempting in a place where I can see, smell, and EAT it! Luckily they weren’t too mad at me. Life is special, and I couldn’t have done it without the good folks at GRRIN!