11-08 Storm 11-08

Adopted by:
Steve and Cynthia

Yipee! I’ve found a new family! Oh..I forgot to tell you it’s me, Storm! I was just so excited to tell you of my great news. My new Mom saw my picture on the GRRIN website, went running outside and told my Dad to call right away and he did. Thanks Dad! My new Mom and Dad got to be my 2nd foster parents as my 1st ones, Zach & Kate, were going on vacation. Well, when my Dad picked me up he called Mom and said “you’re going to love him” and he was right. It was love at first sight for all of them. They love me and I love them too! I have 3 “brothers” – one a furry one named BJ (he’s a GRRIN dog too) then there’s Michael who’s 10 and Jason who’s 8. We play and play —chasing the balls; I steal the ball when they boys are playing catch, then we chase around the yard. We play Frisbee, and I run the bases with the boys and Mom when they’re playing kickball. I’ve also been seen stealing the ball from BJ, but then I feel bad and take it back and drop it at his feet. I can do “high 5’s” but my neatest trick is that I can get 3 tennis balls in my mouth at once and it’s even better when I chomp down on them and they squeak. I have play dates with a couple of other GRRIN dogs – Elli (BJ’s 2 year old puppy) and Parker – he lives 2 houses away from us. What fun we have running and playing all over the yard. We play and play then rest a few minutes and start all over again. We go for car rides, walks down to school to pick up the boys and go to the GRRIN greet and meets. At the end of the day when we’re done playing for the day, BJ and I hop up on the bed to snuggle with Mom and Dad. I’m just having so much fun. Thank you GRRIN, Zach, Kate and Sarah (my caseworker). I love my new home and family. I’m hoping that my former owners read this and know that I’m doing great and I’m loved greatly by my new family : ) Adopted April 2011 Storm 11-08