11-09 Sky 11-09


Sky is the perfect name for me because I love life so much that the sky’s the limit! I came into GRRIN because my personality was too much for a young family to handle. My energy used to get so pent up that I dug holes in my yard to keep busy. The good folks at GRRIN heard about me, and before I knew it I was in the loving foster home of Pat and Susie. I wasn’t bored there! They kept me busy and fine-tuned my manners. Life was great, but I had this inkling that this was a stepping stone to something greater. One day I met Rob and Melissa and their son, Cole. I could tell right away that this was the family for me. I could just feel it in my doggy-bones! It wasn’t long before they asked if I’d like to join their “pack,” and of course I said YES! It was tough to say good-bye to Susie and Pat, but I was told that we’d cross paths again. When I got to my new home, I met a GREAT Golden Retriever by the name of Sam! At first he played hard-to-get, and I played it coy. Before long we started to stray into each other’s space…and of course it was wrestle time! That’s absolutely our favorite game. Things were a little rough at first while I got used to my new home (sorry about chewing up the couch). Before long I started to get the hang of things. I love my regular belly-rubs, and I get a kick out of chasing soap bubbles. My humans plan on taking me to obedience classes soon, and I can’t wait to show them how smart I am. There’s plenty of sky in my life, and I love all the new adventures. I couldn’t have started this journey without GRRIN. I’ll never be able to thank them or my new humans enough. Adopted July 2011 11-09 Sky HE 11-09 Sky HE